Jess </3 (x0lilblondgrlx0) wrote in truely_gorgous,
Jess </3

I just got an idea when i was lookin 4 a new layout cuz this one kinda bites.

If you find any layouts that you think we should use post a comment w/ a link to the layout. this will get you +10 points.
then i will make a post w/ all the different layouts our members think we should have and everyone will vote on which layout they think we should have.
then the most popular voted ones will have a final cut down. and those people will have +5 points extra.
then whichever layout that gets picked will get +10 points.

so if you suggest a layout you get +10.
your layout is in the top picks you get +15 (added up).
& if your layout wins. you get +25 (altogether).

this way i dont pick a layout that people dont like.
& this way you all can agree or diagree. plus earn points.
thankz a ton guys.

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