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its the beauty within

that makes us shine...

yes im truely_gorgous
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♥ We're Truely Gorgous. Inside & out. ♥
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1. Fill out an Application below, & add truely_gorgous to your friends list!
2. Include pictures in your application. Although your app. isnt based solely on pics their a big part.
3. Don't complain about what members say. They have a right to their opinion.
4. Don't be rude or your out.
5. No Racial,Rude, Sexual, or any offensive comments. Be polite & curtious & there wont be a problem.
6. If you dont get accepted don't act like a 2 year old. Its just a LJ community theres plenty others.
7. Feel free to be a camera whore & post as much as you want.
8. Activeness will result in point rewarding.
9. Don't spam other communities. Ask the mods or find promotional communities.
10. Put New Beauty in the subject line.
11. Just have funn. kthankz.

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Head Mod: Jess x0lilblondgrlx0 *Both my aim sn and journal...*

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Co-Mod: Jamie missjamie21

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Co-Mod: Destany perfectlypink22

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1. Copy the code into an update box & put New Beauty in the subject line.
2. Don't lie about anything. It's pointless.
3. Remember to post a Member's Picture as well as what Accepted Sign you want.
4. Don't be rude & just follow the rules. It's really that simple.

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get wasted on prep juice <3

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our layout was made by loveisforever @ ohoh_layouts

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Only Mods can post accepted or rejected signs..after 72 hours an app. is posted or 3 days..





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Points Ranges
- When you promote this community.. every place you promote gets you +2 points..
- Themes are +30 points each..
- Challenges range depending on what i decide 4 the points..
- Random Posts such as pictures or updates gets you +25 points..
- Application Promoting if an applicant says you promoted them here.. +5 points